Virtual Organizing

If you want to get organized but don't want to bring anyone into your home, we can work together virtually, over Zoom.

Below are some of my most popular virtual offerings. I'm happy to work on other projects, too. Just ask!

Set Up Your Kids' Study Space for Fall

We may not know how or where our kids will be learning this fall, but we know they will have lots of work to do, and we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

In this one-on-one virtual session we'll design a space that will set your kids up to be organized, confident, and successful this school year.

Let's get your kids ready for fall!

Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox...for Good!

Do you yearn for the day when you’ll have nothing but important emails sitting front and center in your inbox, or even reach Inbox Zero?

In this one-on-one virtual session you’ll learn a process for organizing your Gmail inbox and keeping it tidy going forward.

Let's declutter your inbox!