Move Management

“That move was a joy! I can’t wait to do it again!” said no one ever.

Moving is the worst. Some would say it's one of life's most stressful experiences.

It is, however, possible to have a smooth, stress-free moving experience.

How? It takes detailed planning, lots of research, coordination of a thousand moving parts, and time.

The work involved in preparing to sell your home, packing up a house full of belongings, and setting it all up your new home can be a full-time job.

You’ve got time for that, right?

I'm here for you

If you’d rather have a root canal than be burdened with these tasks, let a professional take them off your plate.

I can manage your entire move from start to finish, or just the parts you don't want to deal with.

Some of the tasks I can do for you are:

  • Developing a plan, timelines, and checklists
  • Decluttering and taking away items you no longer want
  • Connecting you with realtors, movers, and other service providers
  • Staging for your open house
  • Packing your belongings and arranging for temporary storage
  • Coordinating the logistics of your move
  • Switching over utilities and addresses
  • Supporting you on move day
  • Setting up your new home so you can enjoy it from day one

It’s never too early to start planning for your move, and I can help!

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“In the last 3 weeks we have made amazing progress and will meet our deadlines.  I have been very impressed with Lisa’s energy, organizational skills and knowledge.  She has led the project very well especially when I just don’t know where to go next, she assigns me projects and we move ahead.  Thank you for your help.  We are almost there!”
—Client preparing to sell her house in Concord, MA

I had a good time chatting with Realtor Jodi Crowley of North of Boston Lifestyle Guide in December 2020! Watch and you'll learn...

  • What I do for people getting ready to sell their homes and what's the benefit
  • What's my process when working with a client
  • What's the biggest barrier to people hiring me to help them prepare for their move
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