Estate & Downsizing Cleanouts

We’ll find environmentally and socially responsible ways to pass on your or your loved one’s belongings

When a friend or family member moves to a smaller home or passes away, they often leave behind a lifetime of belongings that represent who they were and how they want the world to remember them.

If you’ve been asked to clean out their home, distribute their belongings to family members, and/or prepare their home for sale, you’re suddenly faced with an overwhelming and emotional project, and you may be on a tight deadline.

It’s hard to know where to start, what to keep and what to let go, and how to find new homes for all these items.

Let us handle the details

Instead of getting a dumpster and throwing it all away, we'll help you find homes for items so they’re passed on in an eco-friendly way, to people and organizations who will appreciate them.

And we can help you sell items that are of value so you can recoup some of your expenses.

Our services include:

  • Developing a plan
  • Coordinating the logistics of the project
  • Sorting through items and decluttering
  • Taking away donations and arranging for pick-ups
  • Arranging for junk removal
  • Soliciting appraisals for valuables
  • Coordinating consignments, estate sales, and auctions
  • Connecting you with real estate agents, house cleaners, and other service providers
  • Arranging for temporary storage
  • Shipping your belongings
  • Returning cable boxes and other equipment
  • Packing items for moving, shipping and storage
  • Staging for an open house

Call on me for full-service support during your estate or downsizing cleanout.

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