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Can't stay focused? Try these 4 tricks

You switch focus for "just a second," and before you know it an hour has gone by. Try these tricks for avoiding distractions during your next project.

30 ideas for rewarding yourself during COVID-19

A job well done deserves a reward, but the novel coronavirus has narrowed our options. Here are some ideas for treating yourself...safely.

A case of the "shoulds"

Are you in self-isolation and thinking about all those projects you "should" be doing? I'm here to tell you to stop it.

If I ran into my ex, would I be happy I was wearing this?

Trying to declutter? Letting go of stuff can be hard! Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether to keep something or let it go.

What do a professional organizer and a UX designer have in common?

Here's a hint: We both care about people. And we use the same tried and true techniques to put their needs, goals, and challenges first. Learn how!

Decluttering on a Deadline

If you’re getting ready to your house on the market, you’ve probably been told to! Concierge Home Sales and I have put together these helpful tips for decluttering on a deadline.

Carla clears a path — literally and figuratively

"The positive results have given me the sense that this is doable."

Clutter from any other country is still clutter! Buy these 6 souvenirs instead.

You'll use them, you'll love them, and they won't clutter up your home!

10 clichés that help you get sh** done

Who cares what Strunk & White say? When it comes to personal productivity, clichés can be a snappy, inspirational, and memorable way to get motivated.

Dealing with DOOO (Differences of Organizing Opinions)

You like the glasses right-side up. He likes them upside down. How do you deal??

Dear Easter Bunny, curb the clutter!

A tisket, a tasket, Easter's filled with plastic! Tips for making Easter more eco-friendly and clutter free.

Letting go of your LEGOs

When there's room for LEGOs in your heart, but not in your house... Learn how you can sell or donate your Legos and preserve their legacy.

Transforming her dresser took Kelly from overwhelmed to empowered

Wonder what an organizing session is like? Learn how we took Kelly's dresser from "ugh!" to "ahh!" and empowered her to take control of her stuff.

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