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“We’re now proud to have a guest room that's clean, organized and comfortable.”

Working with Lisa was amazing! After my boyfriend and I moved in together, we found that our guest room had turned into an enormous pile of “miscellaneous” things and was definitely not a suitable place for any guest to feel comfortable in.

Lisa didn’t just organize our stuff, she asked really good questions that made us think about what we wanted the room to be. Being able to name our intentions was huge and we wouldn't have done that on our own without her guidance.

Lisa’s methodical process was very effective in prioritizing and organizing each individual item. And she made it fun with her energy and attitude. Additionally, Lisa designed a process for us to use going forward so the room will stay organized.

We're now proud to have a guest room that is clean, organized and comfortable. I highly recommend working with Lisa!

— B., North Reading, MA

“With Lisa’s guidance, I was able to take control of my space, and now I have more of it.”

I was initially hesitant to hire a professional organizer. I didn’t want anyone seeing my mess. Before the session, I felt (self-induced) pressure to clean up the space. But Lisa told me not to do that because she needed to see how I interact with my stuff in my “natural habitat.”

Lisa coached me through the process, asking questions, listening, and proposing suggestions and options. She helped me make decisions, take actions, and feel empowered with the progress. And most importantly, she did not judge. She’s a pro.

I think differently about my stuff now. With Lisa’s guidance, I was able to take control of my space, and now I have more of it. My only regret is that I wish I’d hired her sooner!

— Kelly, Belmont, MA

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“The positive results have given me the sense that this is doable.”

Lisa worked alongside me, keeping me focused. We were able to work quickly. We sorted through stacks and stacks of paper and magazines; consolidated books to be organized later; got rid a large tube television set, thus creating space for my flat screen TV; tossed out old fans that were jerry-rigged with fix-everything duct tape; and tossed out a lot of other, bulkier-than-paper items.

Lisa’s thoughtfulness, sensitivity, focus, and energy were invaluable. The steps were no longer daunting.

It’s been wonderful to have more space. Not only can I walk easily from room to room, I have a clear dining-area table than can be used for its intended purpose – mealtime.

— Carla, Newton, MA

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