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5 stars

“Lisa and her staff were patient and kind to my parents during this difficult process.”

Lisa and her staff were phenomenal! They helped my parents downsize from a big house with a basement (and garage) full of storage to a 2 bedroom apartment in a senior living facility.

They helped my parents every step of the way from deciding what would fit in their new apartment and then sorting through what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell.

Lisa worked with a company to organize a highly successful auction of the items they wished to sell. Then she unpacked and set up everything in their new apartment.

Lisa is responsive, honest, and organized. But most importantly, Lisa and her staff were patient and kind to my parents during this difficult process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help organizing or downsizing. Her help was invaluable to my parents!

— Michelle B., daughter of downsizers

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“If you are cleaning out the house of a loved one... Lisa is the person to call, without question.”

I faced the daunting task of cleaning out my childhood home after my mother passed away and my father downsized to a smaller home. There was 30 plus years of accumulated furniture, artwork, trinkets, papers, kitchenware, and other family memorabilia.  

At first I thought I could handle this job by working on the weekends, but I quickly learned the task was too big. That's when my wife suggested reaching our to Lisa for help.

Lisa was very responsive and was over at the house in a matter of days to survey the project and come up with a game plan.  She brought in a colleague, Judy, to help. Together, Lisa and Judy worked quickly and efficiently over a few weeks to sift through all the stuff at the house and sort everything by category so that my family could make quick decisions about what to keep and what to junk.  Lisa had strategies for dealing with this overwhelming project that enabled the whole process to go smoothly.  She also oversaw an online estate sale auction that made sure several items at the home did not go to waste.  For anything that was left over, Lisa and Judy oversaw the final appointment with Got Junk to remove what was left.  

If you are cleaning out the house of a loved one, or just trying to organize things around your own home, Lisa is the person to call, without question. Based on my experience I would highly recommend her services to other friends and family.

— Peter G., Boston, MA

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“You seriously saved us and we adore you so much!”

As we were walking around this morning, we kept saying what a great job you guys did.

Our movers were SO impressed with how far along the packing was. I told them about you and they said thank you so much! We were in the top 1% in terms of being prepared!

I don't know how we would have gotten through the move without your help.  We continue to sing your praises as we easily find things in the remaining boxes thanks to your clear labeling.

Thank you so much, Lisa! You're amazing!

— Jamie B., Bedford, MA

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“I always stalled out...now I'm cruisin!”

I'm happy I finally took the first step and contacted Lisa. Honestly, for years I was overwhelmed by the chaos in my basement.  At times I would earnestly try to make de-cluttering progress on my own, but I always stalled out.  So yesterday was a significant marker for me.

Lisa's easy going, non-pressuring style gently helped me focus when I got distracted.  She was like a skilled AAA technician - recharging my capable but depleted battery - getting me back on the road.  We got so much accomplished and I'm thrilled.  Now I'm cruisin!

— Pam M., Newton, MA

“You're exactly what my mom needed to get her moving (pun intended) and get her excited about the process!”

I appreciate your updates and all the work you've done. I FaceTime with my mom every day and we talk about her progress...she's been excited on the days you've been there and taken me on a tour to show me all the areas you've tackled.

It's SO great to see her excited.  I think part of it is that she feels like you get a lot done and she sees the progress, but the other part is that she really enjoys your company.

Before you started working with her she was stressed and anxious about all the work ahead of her...and I think she was even starting to get a bit depressed. You've already made such a huge difference — not just in what you've accomplished, but with her mood and outlook too. Now when I talk to her she's excited and looking forward to the next area you're going to work on together.

Thanks again, Lisa. You're exactly what my mom needed to get her moving (pun intended) and get her excited about the process!

— Daughter of client preparing to sell her home in North Chelmsford, MA

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“Things got immeasurably easier and lighter once you came on the scene.”

I can't thank you enough for all you've done in helping me clear out my sister's condo.

I was feeling immense pressure until I found you online. Things got immeasurably easier and lighter once you came on the scene.

It was wonderful working with you! You gave me spectacular service!

— Ann

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“I am grateful to have found you.”

You surely helped us make short order of an enormous project rooted with 60+ years of beloved possessions and emotional memories.

I am grateful to have found you and greatly appreciated the simplicity with which you conducted this job ... well done.

— Michelle P., tasked with cleaning out her parents' house

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“It was a relief and made me feel happy for my parents.”

Thank you for everything you've done for my parents. I came over yesterday to bring mom's car to [their new apartment] and looking around the house, it really made me feel sad for them. Like the life and stuff left behind.

But, when I saw the new place and it set up and their bed all made and mom's huge bathroom and their chairs and tv, and them smiling eating dinner and lots of treats - it was a relief and made me feel happy for them. Thank you again!

— Suzanne H., daughter of downsizers

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Lisa for helping me clean out my parentsʼ home and prepare it to go on the market.”

I was definitely in over my head. The emotional and physical toll of cleaning out 50 years of family memories and collected objects would have been too much if not for Lisa.

Hiring Lisa was the best decision I could have made. She helped me stay on task while respecting my feelings (and even made the whole process FUN!), and made sure that my family's things found new homes, which meant a lot to me. Lisa shared her many resources and vast knowledge of how to get things done efficiently and responsibly. She is a GODSEND and I'm so thankful to her for helping me with this very daunting process!

— Christy V.

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“The positive results have given me the sense that this is doable.”

Lisa worked alongside me, keeping me focused. We were able to work quickly. We sorted through stacks and stacks of paper and magazines; consolidated books to be organized later; got rid a large tube television set, thus creating space for my flat screen TV; tossed out old fans that were jerry-rigged with fix-everything duct tape; and tossed out a lot of other, bulkier-than-paper items.

Lisa’s thoughtfulness, sensitivity, focus, and energy were invaluable. The steps were no longer daunting.

It’s been wonderful to have more space. Not only can I walk easily from room to room, I have a clear dining-area table than can be used for its intended purpose – mealtime.

— Carla, Newton, MA

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“With Lisa’s guidance, I was able to take control of my space, and now I have more of it.”

I was initially hesitant to hire a professional organizer. I didn’t want anyone seeing my mess. Before the session, I felt (self-induced) pressure to clean up the space. But Lisa told me not to do that because she needed to see how I interact with my stuff in my “natural habitat.”

Lisa coached me through the process, asking questions, listening, and proposing suggestions and options. She helped me make decisions, take actions, and feel empowered with the progress. And most importantly, she did not judge. She’s a pro.

I think differently about my stuff now. With Lisa’s guidance, I was able to take control of my space, and now I have more of it. My only regret is that I wish I’d hired her sooner!

— Kelly, Belmont, MA

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“She will help make your space work better for you.”

I’m so glad I decided to work with Lisa! A few hours spent with Lisa solved so many problems in my apartment and has given me such peace of mind.

The main issue was clutter on my dining table and on my desk. I had become “stuck” and felt inept about how to improve the situation.

Lisa helped me tackle this area. We sorted items into categories. Lisa made better use of drawers and shelves, and she carted away a crate full of items for donation.

Her approach is not about making you get rid of stuff. She will ask you questions to help you think critically and objectively about what you actually would like to keep.

Lisa is not judgmental. No matter how silly or sentimental your things may seem to someone else, she will help you get them in order and make your space work better for you.

— Ruth, Cambridge, MA

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