30 ideas for rewarding yourself during COVID-19

30 ideas for rewarding yourself during COVID-19

A job well done always deserves a reward, especially if it’s a job you’ve been putting off for a while. And knowing there’s a treat waiting for you can help motivate you to cross the finish line.

As we isolate in our homes to avoid the novel coronavirus, many of the rewards we’ve enjoyed in the past are no longer available or safe. No more travel, massages, or dinners with friends. Cue sad trombone.

But that doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself a well-earned prize. Here are some ideas on how to treat yourself in your own home or safely with others.

Be entertained

  1. Watch your favorite comedian on Netflix.
  2. Read a fluffy beach novel.
  3. Watch funny animal videos on YouTube.


  1. Make a cocktail.
  2. Have fancy cheese and crackers for dinner.
  3. Eat ice cream for breakfast.


  1. Bake a cake with your kids.
  2. Write (and mail) a hand-written note to someone you love.
  3. Look through photos and send some to family and friends.


  1. Schedule a Zoom with your BFF.
  2. Go outdoors for socially distant coffee with your neighbor.
  3. Go for a (masked) walk with a friend.


  1. Do yoga before anyone else gets up.
  2. Get it on with your partner.
  3. Learn a TikTok dance.


  1. Order a new sports bra or other piece of workout gear.
  2. Buy a piece of jewelry you’ve been eyeing.
  3. Put some money in a jar and think about how you’ll spend it later.


  1. Enjoy a glass of wine on the patio.
  2. Write in your journal.
  3. Go to the beach.

Create something

  1. Spend time knitting or doing another crafty hobby.
  2. Watch a YouTube make-up video and do your face.
  3. Get outside and take some beautiful pictures.

Spoil yourself

  1. Get your car detailed.
  2. Order takeout and have it delivered.
  3. Buy the impractical shoes you’ve been eyeing.

Pamper yourself

  1. Take a bath.
  2. Get or give yourself a pedicure.
  3. Go to bed early or sleep late.

Savor your reward and enjoy it without guilt. You’ve earned it!