My partnership with MaxSold

Looking to defray some of your moving and cleanout costs?

Consider MaxSold! Putting on a MaxSold auction has a lot of benefits...

  • It clears out almost the entire house in one fell swoop
  • People are paying you for the privilege of carrying items out of your house
  • It reduces the number of items going into a landfill
  • It helps you wring value out of items that would otherwise be worthless
  • It reduces junk removal and donation pick-up costs
  • MaxSold will market your auction to a large audience to draw in lots of bidders

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

MaxSold’s goal is to sell as many items as possible, so they sell items in lots. Lots are typically a collection of the same item, like flower pots, or items that go together, like supplies for a hobby or a set of collectibles. 

My team sorts through your items and “stages” lots throughout the house, then a MaxSold team comes to the house, photographs and measures items, and writes descriptions. The items are then posted online for our review. This is called the “catalog.”

You and I both review the catalog, request edits, and give our approval for the auction to go live.

The auction is published online at and runs for 5-7 days. During that time, my team packs up all of the lots to be picked up.

When the auction closes, we get a report of final prices, buyers’ names, and their scheduled pick-up times.

A couple days later, we hold a pick-up day. Buyers come at scheduled times to pick up their items and we either bring their items to them or escort them to their items. It is a very organized and calm process.

How do I prepare for a MaxSold auction?

First, don’t donate or sell anything! My team will determine which items should be included in the auction. If we think you are likely to get more money for an item by selling it outside the auction, we will bring in a consignment or antiques dealer who might be interested in buying or selling your items. These folks are familiar with MaxSold and will give us their honest opinion if it’s better to include an item in the auction.

All you have to do is decide what items you want to keep, and leave the rest behind for us to sell.

What can I include in a MaxSold auction?

Practically everything! MaxSold does prohibit some items (see their Item Policy), but you can include things like open cleaning supplies, sewing kits full of half-used spools of thread, and other items that would otherwise be thrown out. They even sell cars!

Why are items sold in lots rather than individually?

Buyers have to take everything in the lots they win, so it’s a great way to get rid of items you would otherwise throw away. For example, you can sell a toolbox full of tools in mostly great shape with some rusty and broken ones thrown in, and the buyer will leave with all of them. It’s pretty ingenious!

We do sometimes list big items like exercise machines, pieces of furniture, rugs, etc. as single-item lots.

Is there a reserve on items?

Every lot starts at $1. While this is initially disappointing to hear, it means that more items will sell, and receiving $20 for 20 lots is better than paying a junk hauler hundreds of dollars to take them away.

How many items will sell?

I can’t guarantee your results, but the MaxSold auctions I've held have sold 83-99% of their lots.

What factors affect my auction’s success?

Every auction is different and can be affected by how unique your items are, what condition they're in, your location, the time of year, the weather, and other factors.

What if I change my mind about an item?

You can remove items from the auction with no penalty during the catalog review period. Once the auction is live, there is a $50+ fee per item removed. Removing items from a live auction is highly discouraged, as it can cause buyers to stop bidding on other items.

Can I live in the house during an auction?

The auction set-up can be pretty disruptive. Because everything being sold has to be spread out for photos, there will be stuff everywhere! We advise the auction happen after you’ve moved out of the house.

How long does a MaxSold auction take?

Unearthing items and sorting them to create lots is the most time-consuming part of the process, so we often start this while you are reviewing items to take with you when you move. Once the lots are created, the auction (cataloging to pick-up day) takes 11-14 days.

Do I have to move items out for buyers?

Nope! This is one of the benefits of MaxSold. Buyers are responsible for carrying items out of the house themselves. In the auction, we note items that will require more than one person and/or a special vehicle to move.

When do I get paid?

After pick-up day, there is a brief period when buyers can request a refund if an item they bought is missing or damaged. Shortly after that, MaxSold sends a settlement report that details sales, fees, and your net profit. You will receive payment via check or direct deposit about 2 weeks after the settlement report is issued.

What happens with items that don’t sell?

On pick-up day, we will often put items that didn’t sell outside for people to take for free. At the end of the day, items that can be donated are donated, and other items are disposed of.

Does MaxSold have insurance?

Yes, MaxSold can provide you with a certificate of insurance upon request.

What are MaxSold’s fees?

As of mid-2023, MaxSold's fees are a flat fee of $1250 plus a commission of up to 35%. See their website for current fees.

However, I have negotiated lower fees for my clients. Contact me for more info.

What are the risks?

There’s no guarantee you will turn a profit on a MaxSold auction. However, most of my clients have netted at least $1200, which is better than paying a junk hauler thousands of dollars to clear out the house.

Will I still need to call a junk hauler?

Most likely, yes. Every home has leftover hazardous waste items, old lumber, and other items that really are just trash. However, there will be a lot fewer items to throw away after a MaxSold auction!

My auctions

You can see my current and past auctions on my MaxSold partner page.

Click on “Click to view” under each auction, then sort the list by “Price: Highest.” This will give you a sense of what items have sold best.

Here are stats on my completed auctions. Note that I cannot guarantee the success of your auction.


Net profit

% of lots sold

Peabody, MA



Sudbury, MA



Merrimac, MA



Brookline, MA



Boston, MA



N. Andover, MA



Boston, MA



Chelmsford, MA



Brookline, MA



Concord, MA



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