Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox... for Good!

Do you yearn for the day when you’ll have nothing but important emails sitting front and center in your inbox, or even reach Inbox Zero?

No matter what your goal, if you use Gmail, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve it. Really!

Meet me for a personal, one-hour virtual session and I’ll teach you how to harness the power — dare I say magic?! — of Gmail to:

  • Clean out your inbox... fast!... using bulk-deleting techniques
  • Reduce the number of emails coming in
  • Triage new email so you can see the important ones first
  • Use simple search terms to find items quickly
  • Leverage Gmail’s functionality to automate cumbersome tasks
  • And more!

Format: One-on-one Zoom call

Cost: $125

“Lisa taught me to use tools that have changed what it feels like to open my email in the morning. Before, I was distressed and embarrassed when taking on this task. Now, I feel calm and focused and have a sense of accomplishment from the previous day as I get ready for the new one. I’m applying what I learned to my personal email as well. Lisa is a delight to work with: she keeps it light, fun, and judgment free.”
— Jennie B., Austin, TX

“Lisa Linard, Professional Organizer, does it again! Last year she helped me organize my garage, and now she's helped me get my inbox in shape. In one fun, informative hour she taught me tips and tricks to organize my email and just like that, my life is transformed and I’m feeling productive again!”
— Anne H., West Roxbury, MA

“I enjoyed working with Lisa in the past, so I jumped at the chance to work virtually with her to organize and streamline my Gmail inbox. Lisa showed me shortcuts to maximize my time. She empowered me with new skills, such as a quick way to delete thousands of unwanted email messages. She motivated me to put what I learned into practice that day. If, like me, you want control over your Gmail inbox, hire Lisa to do her magic!”
— Joyce N., Holland, MI

“Even though there are still messages in my inbox, I already feel so much more efficient. I had my first ʻall clearʼ day today, making use of all your wonderful lessons from yesterday. Thanks, Coach!”
— Steve D., New York, NY