Set Up Your Kids' Study Space

Homework Headquarters, Learning Lab, Study Station... whatever you want to call it, your kids need one this year.

We've learned what we suspected all along: remote learning is hard. Let's make it as easy and stress-free as possible for both you and your kids.

Meet me for a one-on-one virtual session over Zoom, and we'll design a workspace that sets your kids up to succeed this school year.

In one hour, we'll create a space where:

  • your kids can focus without getting distracted
  • they have all the supplies they need to do their work
  • they can easily access technology when they need it
  • they have a system for dealing with papers, schedules, and communications
  • they can easily manage going back and forth between home and school
  • they can be more self-sufficient
  • And more!

Let's design a new normal that will set you and your kids up to be organized, confident, and successful this school year.

Format: One-on-one Zoom call + a follow-up call after school starts

Cost: $125

“I did a virtual session with Lisa last week to help me brainstorm organization for my kids' remote learning.  She listened to my concerns and gave great advice for their very different learning stages.  She picked up on some potential pitfalls of my plan, and gave suggestions for things I hadn’t considered.  Like many, I will be working from home, and needed to figure out the best strategy for making my kids as self sufficient as possible.  We are going to follow up after the first week to work through any bumps that arise once we have their actual schedules and see how to best tweak the plan.  Highly recommend!!”
— Denise Henneberry, Reading, MA