Office Organizing Power Hour

Do you dread walking into your office every day?

Are you missing appointments, bill payments, and deadlines?

Do you find it hard to focus with all the mess around you?

"A messy desk = a genius mind" is a nice theory, but the reality is that a messy desk creates a messy mind.

If you want to get your home or work office under control so you can be more productive and efficient, this power hour is for you.

Join me for a private one-hour virtual session where we'll:

  • address the mess
  • plow through papers
  • create a space that functions better
  • come up with personalized strategies for keeping it neat going forward
  • And more!

After one hour, you’ll have reduced the mess and may even look forward to going to work the next day!

Format: One-on-one private Zoom call

Cost: $125